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Track Your Fleet to Improve Productivity

TT-Matics are independent, UK-based vehicle tracking specialists. We provide fleet tracking solutions and systems to businesses of all sizes, at best prices. We support companies with just one vehicle up to a fleet of vans or trucks. With TT Matics you'll:

  • reduce costs;
  • improve productivity;
  • enhance customer service; and
  • improve safety and security for your team.

Track Vehicles and Drivers in Real Time

  •   Google-backed fleet tracking maps so you can observe all your vehicles and drivers in real-time, online or via mobile app.
  •   Online reports and emailed XL time-sheets, to save admin time. Check driver start/finish times and overtime.
  •   See acceleration and braking data; fuel consumption; compare driver behaviour scores across your entire fleet.
  •   Customised fleet dashboards; set and monitor fleet utilisation targets; monitor time spent at any location.
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Save up to

25 %
in Fuel Consumption

Add up to

15 %
to Overall Productivity

Reduce up to

15 %
of Employee Overtime

Add up to

15 %
More Vehicle Utilisation

Cut up to

10 %
of Total Miles Driven

Reduce up to

25 %
of Vehicle Idling Time

Source: "Benefits After Effective Deployment of Fleet Management System." Frost & Sullivan. 2015.

About Us

An independent, telematics company, TT-Matics provides a range of fleet tracking, management and protection products. We help our clients to reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance customer service and improve driver and workforce safety and security.

We've over 15 years' experience in the telematics industry.  This includes RAC, Trafficmaster, TrafficLink and Road Angel Fleet, combined with direct fleet management experience. TT-Matics provides systems and products to meet the needs of any size of business. Our fleet tracking products are all user friendly, adaptable to operational needs and cost-effective. All augmented by our exceptional customer service.

Whatever the size of your company, from one vehicle to thousands, effective management of your fleet is essential. TT-Matics help businesses to achieve that goal successfully.

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